After finishing up a freshman basketball season, many high school players are ready to take a break. The long winter months take a toll on the body and the mind. Some are taking a break before starting up a spring sport, such as track or baseball, while others are concerned about getting ready to try to make the Varsity basketball team the following year. Still others, such as Quincy Aubertine, are concerned about getting better right now to improve on what many may call a successful high school career.

After being called up to varsity as only a 7th grader, Quincy is making a name for himself as a serious prospect in the class of 2016. The 15 year old, who will no longer be a student at Thousand Islands High School but instead will be attending Salisbury Academy in Connecticut next school year, is transforming his game and realizing his own strengths and weaknesses. Most young, successful basketball players believe that the only thing that makes someone a good basketball player is their ability to score. Through his play, it is clear that Quincy Aubertine is not a typical young star.

As an 8th grader on the varsity team, Quincy averaged nearly 22 points per game. He relied heavily on his shooting ability to score, with his driving and moving without the ball skills still relatively behind. He was a consistent enough shooter to be able to flourish this way, but as his game as proved, there was more to him than a spot up shooter. The 2012-2013 basketball season saw Quincy improve his overall game.

Quincy saw his scoring decrease (down to around 20 points per game) during his freshman campaign, but his rebounding and scoring abilities flourished. Quincy added a variety of moves to his offensive arsenal, including quick spin moves in the lane, a devastating crossover that can make other players his age (and older) fall flat footed, and a step back to give himself room to see the basket. He is able to see in the open court and close to the basket, and has developed a solid passing game.

As a member of the Syracuse Select AAU team, Quincy is playing a lot of basketball against solid competition. Because of this, when Quincy steps back on the court this winter for Salisbury Academy, he will be only a few games away from reaching his 1,000th career point. This is a tremendous feat for an entire career, let alone in the beginning of a sophomore season. Quincy is a special player who we believe will do great things at the college basketball level. We would like to wish Quincy the best of luck next winter. We expect to hear great things about Quincy Aubertine in the future.

Josh Skinner- Staff writer



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