Upstate Scouting Service originated as an idea in 2009 by a small collection of high school and college coaches. Some of the best basketball players in the Northeast have grown up in Upstate New York, but have been traditionally under-recruited by college basketball programs. Upstate New York has produced collegiate champions, as well as NBA players, many of whom had limited recruitment in comparison to players out of the highly-publicized metropolitan area. We have taken time to research and to report a balanced report. Our credibility and accuracy spreads across the entire Empire State.

In the age of information and technology why not save the time and energy traveling to see players that do not possess the skill, ability or physical attributes you are looking for in players for your program. No public school is too small and, of course, none are too large to escape our network in each of the NYS sections outside of the NY Metropolitan Area and Long Island.

All the attention given to this area has left many talented upstate players relying on their individual AAU and high school coaches to network and promote their recruiting. As all of us know, many of these coaches are focused on their own success and often less willing to work or even participate in this time-consuming and stressful process for individuals outside of their traditional contacts. We do the work. U.S.S, gets the players; we provide assessment for all division levels; and we provide contact information. We will personally conduct monthly write-ups on players and provide a data base of contact info.

No one on this side of NYC and New England has and will offer what we are providing for college basketball programs. We are in constant pursuit of the perfect fit for what your teams need or desire out of Upstate New York’s talent base. Upstate Scouting Service signs this letter of intent for you.