Regional/Section Correspondents/Staff Writers

The Upstate Scouting Service is looking for correspondents/staff writers from each of the New York Public High School Athletic Association’s Sections. If you are a knowledgeable fan of high school basketball, a good writer, and want an opportunity to have your writing published for all to see then this is an opportunity for you. Section correspondents will be asked to write at least 2 stories per month on teams, players, or other interesting stories in their section of operation. As a staff writer you have the freedom to examine whatever angle you feel will be most interesting to our readers, although we reserve the right to edit any story as we feel is appropriate.

Upstate Scouting Service is a non-profit site and is consequently unable to pay our employees or reimburse them for any expenses they may incur while working for us. What we can offer is a chance for any aspiring sports journalist or informed fan to have their work published. Additionally, if you are seeking a career in a particular business such as journalism this is a great way to develop your resume.

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions please contact us at